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Ingredients, Allergy, Care Information & Shelf Life


All of our cupcakes are baked from scratch with no boxed mixes. Buttercream is a true buttercream as we use no shortening. We use wheat flour and dairy products. 

Gluten Free

We bake all cupcakes in the same facility. As we make every effort to not cross contaminate, we cannot guarantee air-borne non-contamination.  Gluten Free flour ingredients include: Potato Starch, Rice Flour and Tapioca Flour, Cornstarch and Milk. 

Vegan (available by pre-order only)

Vegan cakes contain No animal products. The vegan ingredients include: wheat flour, cocoa, water, oil and Earth Balance for buttercreams.

Nut Allergy

We make every effort to eliminate cross contamination. All nuts are added to the cupcakes as they are being packaged. Each cupcake that contains nuts will include (NUTS) in the description on each sign in the storefront and online. For our Chocolate Peanut, we use smooth peanut butter.

Care Instructions/Shelf Life

Your cupcakes are always best eaten the day of purchase, however, they will last 2-3 days after purchase. Depending on toppings, ie., fresh berries or Strawberry Shortcake, these cupcakes will not last past the first day of purchase as the fruit will turn very quickly by the 2nd day.

Keep the cupcakes at room temperature (A/C). No refrigeration required as the true buttercream will harden in cold temperatures. If you will be serving the cupcakes outdoors, keep in mind extreme heat will melt the buttercream within 5-10 minutes. Do not place them outdoors until ready to serve.

You could refrigerate the cupcakes if you are serving many days later, however, they will need to be brought back to room temperature 2-3 hours before serving. If you will be eating them in the next 2 days, we suggest no refrigeration.

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