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How to order at TPC

How to order at TPC


We have 3 ways to order at The Peppered Cupcake.

  1. We are open Tuesdays - Saturdays at the Racine Commons location and we accept walk-ins. Choose 1 choose all.

  2. To pre-order it must be at least 1 dozen, however, if you will be picking up a mixed dozen we prefer you to walk-in and order at the counter. Pre-order is usually for larger orders. We do not offer mini sized cupcakes nor do we customize so keep that in mind before you call. Only the flavors you see on our site are what we offer.  Contact us at 910-399-1088. 

  3. Our Vending machine is located at UNCW in the Fisher University Union 7 days a week with longer hours. The machine will carry a few different flavors than what we have at the storefront as the machine caters to the young adult.

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