Frequently Asked Questions

Below are just a few of our most frequently asked questions. A quick mention about our cupcake concept, we do not modify or customize our cupcakes. This means no food colorings or personal writing as this is not our business concept or design. If you don't see what you're looking for, call us.

Can you decorate my cupcakes to coordinate with my wedding or party theme?


The Peppered Cupcake offers gourmet cupcakes and the unique flavor combinations and presentation are what defines and separates our cakes from the masses. We do not modify our cake decorations. What you see on our site is ALL that we offer. We will be happy to direct you to other bakers in the area that offer this service.


We are having a shower. Can you coordinate with our colors and create something for a girl?


Once again, we do not modify our cakes or customize of any sort. We have over 40 some flavors with our list growing. Again we focus on Gourmet cupcakes. Customization does not fit into our business concept. We would like a tiered cake and pink roses on our cake. Do you offer this?​Once again, we do not modify our cakes or customize of any sort. We have over 40 some flavors with our list growing. Again we focus on Gourmet cupcakes. Customization does not fit into our business concept.  We do cupcakes ONLY. 


We would like a tiered cake and pink roses on our cake. Do you offer this?


Once again, we do not modify our cakes or customize of any sort. We have over 40 some flavors with our list growing. Again we focus on Gourmet cupcakes. Customization does not fit into our business concept.  We do cupcakes ONLY. 


What qualifies a large order and how much notice should I give? 


Again, as much notice that you can give is awesome! A large order is 3 or more dozen.​ 


What is your turn around time if I place my order today?

In most cases, you can pick up your order today, however, you must choose from cake flavors baked today. If you would like flavors outside of today and if your order is placed today by 3pm, you can pick up your order as early as 11:30am the next day.


How many flavors can I choose?


You can choose as many flavors that we have on hand for the day in the Standard sizes. Usually 15+ different flavors .  If they are not already in the window and there are flavors that you would prefer, then you will be need to order 1 dozen of that particular flavor from our list.   Minis preorder: 2 flavors/48 minis. Please keep in mind that all flavors are not avaible for preordering. Please see our Preordering page for flavor options.


What about last minute orders?

Please come to the cupcakery to see what we have available. You can check out our flavors in advance under "What's baking everyday" and select the day of week list to see what's baking today or just give us a call if you're in a hurry and we'll box them up for you.


Do you have all of your flavors available everyday?


Once again, we do have a weekly schedule for each of our flavors. Please click on the dropdown menu above under "What's Baking Everyday" to see which flavors are available each day. Some of our flavors are also seasonal. 


Standard size cupcakes vs. mini cupcakes.


​The standard sized cupcake is always available. The minis, however, are on a preorder basis. They are great for parties. If you would like to order minis for next day pickup, your order needs to be in today by 3pm to be available the following morning anytime after 11:30am. You will have a minimum order of 4 dozen for the minis with 1 flavor option per 2 dozen. Please note that not all flavors are available for preorder or minis. The best way to cross reference what is and what's not is to click on "Pre-Ordering" under "FAQ".


Do you gift wrap your boxes?


All of our 6 piece and 1 dozen boxes are beautiful. They are a recycled natural brown box and you can actually see virgin fibers. The boxes are not coated or bleached with harsh chemicals. In its natural state, it retains the strength of the trees from which it was made and is very strong. This material uses 25-30% fewer trees to produce. Our 6 piece and dozen box, you can view the cupcakes from the crystal clear window which is a certified biodegradable material. Both the box and the window film are made from SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) lumber which is lumber collected and reforested utilizing environmentally friendly practices. 











What is the minimum order? 

The advantage of having a store front now allows TPC to sell just one cupcake! That's right! Come in for one or buy them all. Whatever we have on hand today you are welcome to. Each day we start out with plenty until they are gone. So, if you know you need more than a dozen, please give us a courtesy call, preferably the day before, and we'll have them boxed and ready. If you are pre-ordering and your choices are not on the list from "What's Baking Everyday" then the minimum order for an additional flavor is 1 dozen of that flavor. Again, this is if you choose a flavor outside of those that aren't in the window already. Remember, not all Featured Flavors are available for pre-order. Please see Preordering to see which are available to preorder.


Do you deliver for large events such as weddings and corporate events? 


Yes, we do offer delivery for an additional fee, however, we do not offer setup. Please see Delivery Rates


Can I stop by your bakery and pick up cupcakes without pre-ordering?


Absolutely! If you would like a dozen or more please give us a courtesy call the day before.


We need a cupcake stand, do you offer these and can you set up our display?

We do no offer cupcake stands nor do we offer set up for the delivery.


Do you offer tastings? We are getting married this summer.

We have plenty to choose from daily and our most popular flavors are always here. If you want an additional flavor that is not in the window for that day, you must preorder 1 dozen of that flavor. We offer 90+ flavors that rotate throughout the week and seasons. Visit each day of the week under "what's baking today" to get an idea of what's in the window that day. Keep in mind there is a drop down that shows each day plus "what's baking today" is a link itself that shows 7 flavors that are in the window everyday of the week.We do not offer samplings. You are welcome to come by the store and purchase as many different cupcakes that we have for the day.


Do you offer a wedding cupcake.


Folks use our cupcakes "as is" for their weddings. As far as a wedding themed cupcake, we do not have one. 


Do you offer Topsy Turvy or do you make birthday cakes?


Again, we offer cupcakes only and they are the ones you see on our site here. We do not modify the presentation of our gourmet cupcakes.


How long will my cupcakes last?

Our cupcakes are made fresh, daily with fresh ingredients. No preservatives. Your cakes are always best if eaten the same day purchased. The cakes will last up to 3 days at room temperature. Berries will decrease this time frame if they are on top. If you have berries, please refrigerate for they will ripen quickly. You can place each cake in another airtight container or place your cupcake box inside of a plastic bag and tie it into a knot and refrigerate or freeze.  Be sure to remove from frig and bring back to room temperature before serving. Should you find your cakes sitting 5 days and they are a little tired, yes the microwave will do the trick. No longer than 8-10 seconds depending on your microwave. 


Do you offer cake pops, birthday cakes, wedding cakes or anything other than what I see on your site?


No. We only offer what you see on our site.


​How much notice do you need for an order?


If you would like a dozen or less, none. Although you can come into the store to pick up a dozen or more cupcakes, it would be extremely helpful if you gave at least a 24 hour notice. The sooner the better. That way we can have enough cupcakes for everyone and not have a shortage. If you find yourself in a bind, please don't hesitate to call. We get pharmaceutical reps that need 10 dozen on the fly and we always come through!


Do you deliver and how far do you deliver?


Yes, please click here.


Do you offer shipping?

No. We do not offer shipping.