Let me be transparent...

Here are some questions you may ask all folded into these short paragraphs:


Folks, we used to do all the things: Deliveries, wedding orders, pre-orders, online ordering, large orders. I kept praying, "Lord, I can't keep at this pace. I need help. The business is growing and people are here today, gone tomorrow." The answer didn't come in the form of extra staff for help. Currently, I am not sure what our population is doing for income, but as you've seen in your area, folks just aren't looking for work. Things have changed and we have to adapt. Realizing over time we can't stress, we have to keep pushing forward and finding a way around obstacles. One day I felt the Lord saying to me, "Simplify. Get rid of all the noise." While baking I get to think and ponder in my quiet time and I realized he meant change the way I do business and trust Him. So, I've totally simplified my business. Getting back to the basics. I've cut it all out, except for making yummy cupcakes that are still available if you come before they sell out.

I am thrilled that you still come and support my business, but I just can't do it all by myself. Finding good help is hard as I don't have time to babysit today's generation. I've found that I'm better off doing it myself and the phone has become only an information source. We live in such a fast-paced world that if we slow down, listen and read, your questions just may be answered. There's not a Fast Lane or "Now" button for everything. We had a system set in place that worked for all. Us and you that is. However, people would just press a button to "reach" someone because they didn't want to listen, therefore, causing more confusion for all and slowing us down. So they would call and ask the same questions that are answered through the auto phone attendant. I just can't give the same attention again, live. Baking while the store is open is part of the charm that I bring to The Peppered Cupcake and neediness from others slowed the process especially when you are the one running the show. Everything is from scratch and since I bake for both stores, quality was priority. I hope you understand and forgive me for cutting off that line of communication and limited ordering options. Please don't pop in and ask to be the exception this one time...it's happening daily. I am very grateful you love them that much, however, balance has become a must for us with little to no staff.

Remember, not only can you see the Baking Today list here online, you can always call and get flavors available through the auto attendant as I keep it updated. 

I appreciate you more than you know!