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Let me be transparent...

Here are some questions you may ask all folded into these short paragraphs:


The business is growing and staff are here today, gone tomorrow."I kept praying, "Lord, I can't keep at this pace. I need help. The answer didn't come in the form of extra staff for help. Currently, I am not sure what our population is doing for income, but as you've seen in your area, folks just aren't looking for work. Things have changed and we have to adapt. Realizing over time we can't stress, we have to keep pushing forward and finding a way around obstacles. One day I felt the Lord saying to me, "Simplify. Get rid of all the noise." While baking I get to think and ponder in my quiet time and I realized he meant to change the way I do business and trust Him. So, I replaced new hires and I bought a vending machine for my downtown store.  After a year working through kinks, as all technology has, I am thrilled to have partnered with UNCW so students and staff can enjoy my cupcakes on campus. This means the machine has been relocated to the campus.  The downtown shop closed in January 2024.


I've totally simplified my business. This means its back to the basics with just myself baking and adding some cutting edge technology.  Since 2008, I've learned to work smarter not harder. The Racine store is open to the public with walk-ins as well as large pre-orders. And just so you know, anyone can visit UNCW and grab some cupcakes from the machine 7 days a week. While you're there grab lunch. It is all open to the public. The machine is located in the Fischer University Union.

I am thrilled that you still come and support my business as I find new ways to stay afloat. I've found that I'm better off doing it myself and the phone has become a great information source only, allowing me to be more productive. 


I appreciate you more than you know! Please stop by to see us!


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