Cupcakes really are making their way onto the wedding scene. Eliminates the cake cutting process and gives everyone their own individual cake and the flavor of their choice. Whether you choose to provide cupcakes for your rehearsal dinner or reception, at TPC, we have such a variety of flavors you can create a unique dessert bar for your special day. Call us today for a quote. Available in stardard size and minis.


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Not sure how many cupcakes you will need for your special day? Well, of course that depends on how many folks are attending. Below is a standard rule of thumb that we have created. Keep in mind that most folks are going to have at least one. You will have a few folks that won't have any and some that may indulge in a second with the standard sized and 3 or 4 in the minis. This should cover most gatherings and allow a few for the bride and groom later. The day is so busy they may not get a chance to get one morsel aside from their cutting cake, which we do not provide. If you are trying to be cost conscience, remember that the more flavors you offer, the more flavors folks are gonna want to try;) 3 flavors are pretty standard especially when it comes to the minis.

Please see Pricing under the FAQ link above.

Standard sized cupcakes:

1 cake per person plus 1 extra dozen for every 48 people

Example 150 people - 150 cupcakes plus 3 extra dozen. This breaks down to 15 1/2 dozen.

Minis: (FYI 3 minis are about the size of a standard sized cupcake)

Minis are a 4 dozen minimum to start and come in 2 dozen increments after that.

2 minis per person plus 2 extra dozen per 48 people

Example 150 people - 300 minis plus 6 extra dozen. This breaks down to 31 dozen, however, remember 2 dozen increments as we don't do odd dozens in the minis. 32 dozen would be a good rule of thumb for 150 people.

Mixture of minis and standard sized cupcakes:

150 people - split in half. 75 standard sized cupcakes plus 1 dozen extra cupcakes only since minis are available

The last 75 people we will use the rule above, 2 minis per person. So, 150 minis plus 3 extra dozen. This breaks down to 15 1/2 dozen, however remember 2 dozen increments as we don't offer odd dozens in the minis. 16 dozen minis is a good rule of thumb for 75 people.