Gluten Free 

The Peppered Cupcakes offers Gluten Free everyday at both locations (please call to check to make sure they are not sold out)

If you would like specific GF flavors other than what we have that day, then you will need to preorder. To place an order there is a minimum of 1 dozen of vanilla cake flavors or 1 dozen of chocolate cake flavors which is available in the brownie cake or the devils cake. You may choose up to 2 different flavored cakes within that vanilla cake dozen or 2 different flavor cakes within that chocolate brownie cake dozen or 2 different flavored cakes within that devils cake dozen.

Minis are also available in GF. 4 dozen is the minimum order and the GF minis are only available in 4 dozen increments. Vanilla based cakes you have 2 flavor options. Chocolate based cakes you have 2 flavor options.



Yes, we offer Vegan. The Devils Food cake is the only cake base that we have available as a Vegan option with the following frosting options.

Avocado Vanilla

Avocado Chocolate

Chocolate Eclair Icing

Cinnamon Glaze

 These are available everyday at both locations.