Starting to look like home

One day at a time. Summer is around the corner and folks will soon be lining the streets in downtown Wilmington. Downtown has so many neat places and restaurants with tons to do. So pretty down here, however, I looked around and noticed our streets don't have many flower pots and hanging baskets like you'd expect. Then we realized that just about every other door is a bar/restaurant. Downtown gets extremely busy at night and we've learned that many places can't and won't leave their nice things out because the bar crowd gets a little tipsy and sometimes they don't exactly behave as Mom would expect. This means outdoor plants and furniture usually gets damaged or missing. Well that didn't stop us! We finally go our potted plants out and bench so folks could step outside to eat or enjoy a cup of coffee. We just bring them in every night when we close. So, if you come by and swear you sat on the bench outside at TPC, YOU DID. We just want to make sure you can next time too.

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