Is it really butter

I get tickled at the folks that come in and try to figure out how we get our buttercream so light...numerous ask is there whipped cream or any other number of items...folks, it is BUTTER, pure butter. Not a whipped butter from a tub. I whip it myself. LOL..They can't believe how fluffy and light it can be. Did I mention they aren't overly sweet? Probably our biggest compliment, light and not too sweet. Some folks say they use buttercream and it is not so. I took a decorating class once and they called their buttercream, shortening with buttercream flavoring. This is NOT true buttercream. That's why you don't feel that greasy feeling at the roof of your mouth with my buttercream because butter does not leave that feeling. Nor will you feel the gritty sugar between your teeth. There is a secret, to the whipping process, but I only use pure butter, butta!!!!

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