Open and flavors are rolling out

On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 TPC opened its doors in Wilmington and although we had a soft opening, folks came rolling in. Some knew we were opening, others just curious as they strolled by our doors. "The Peppered Cupcake?" They'd say as they came in. Do tell! The name peaked their curiosity as we'd planned all along. That's taboo. Pepper on a cupcake! That's exactly what we want you to think and therefore you create a buzz for us.

3 cupcakes have debuted since our door opening here and we have a whole mess of new flavors up our sleeve...we just have to be patient! I get too excited. Summer is around the corner and that starts up our mixed drink inspirations. That's right...The StrawbeRita, Peach Daiquiri Thyme, The Angry Colada, & The Spicey Margarita are coming back starting May.

We have 7 daily flavors everyday and 6 or more new ones each day of the week to accompany our most popular flavors. They are always posted on our site here or just stop by and see what's in the window for the day. Can't wait to see you!!

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