Peppered Cupcake
Banana Pudding
Strawberry Basil Cobbler
Devils Vanilla
Chocolate Cream Mint

Sampler 2

  • 6 8oz jars containing 3 vanilla cakes and 3 chocolate cakes. The Peppered Cupcake is our signature cupcake and each day we offer a different preserve to compliment this cream cheese buttercream. House made preserves are mixed with something spicy always, ie., habaneros, horseradish, jalapenos, wasabi, cayenne, etc. The Banana Pudding is as close as you can get to a real banana pudding. Apple Crisp is another of our warm cakes, so yummylicious! Shock'Olata is for the true chocolate lover. Chocolate Cream Mint, not overly minty. Just enough to say, "smooth....". Devils Vanilla is a classic devils cake with vanilla bean buttercream. 

  • These cakes will last 2 weeks in the refrigerator and up to 3 months frozen. They can be left at room temp if eaten within 3 days. Do not leave in the heat. Additional care instructions are provided with orders.

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Copyright © 2019 All Rights Reserved. The Peppered Cupcake LLC