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A new fave: The Peppered Cupcake
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 1:02 by Allison Ballard


There’s so much to love about boutique cupcakes, from fancy flavors to the perfect swirls of frosting on top. And luckily the Wilmington area is keeping pace with the trend. I recently tried another addition to the small-cake scene at Pine Valley Market (3520 South College Rd.).

The Peppered Cupcake is the name of both a confectionary company and its signature offering.

I admit I was skeptical when I first approached the cupcake and saw $3.99 price. After all, the secret filling was orange marmalade with a hint of horseradish. Instead of sprinkles on top, it was fresh-cracked black pepper.

One bite, though, and I was hooked. The unexpected flavors are just noticeable enough to make your taste buds stand up to say ‘thanks.’ It was so worth it.


Other offerings include The Creme Brulee, with brown sugar meringue butter cream frosting and the The Java Jive, chocolate cake with an espresso and Baileys Irish Cream frosting.


Now The Peppered Cupcake is also offering Cupcakes in a Jar, a swirled combination of frosting, filling and cake that comes complete with its own spoon. This could be dangerous.


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