What is a Peppered Cupcake?

If you've had a chance to read "Our Story", then you know we actually have a Peppered cupcake. Of course, we meant to catch your attention with the name first, but we wanted you to know that we create with "sweet and savory" in mind for many of our creations. Our Peppered cupcake is ever changing. That's because it is one cupcake that we can experiment with different flavors without changing the name. What exactly does that mean for you? We create different preserves that always include a pepper of some sort. The concept is simple. If you've ever had pepper jelly served on top of cream cheese served with crackers, then you see there are endless flavor combinations for our Peppered preserves. These spicey preserves are dolloped in the middle of our lightly whipped cream cheese buttercream finished with fresh cracked pepper. Below are just a few of our Peppered cupcakesCome see which flavors we have today!

These are some of our flavors for our Peppered Cupcake. Not available to pre-order flavors.

Please call or stop by to see which flavor we have available today.

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