Tabitha Meready

Owner of TPC

Downtown Wilmington


Another Cupcake Shop?!!

The Peppered Cupcake was founded in October of 2008 and has been recognized throughout Eastern NC as gourmet cupcakes delivered fresh to your door.


When I started this business in the midst of the cupcake craze, the one thing I learned quickly is if I was going to open "another" cupcake shop, it better be different. The concept was to create a cupcake business based on word of mouth advertising alone and prove that it could indeed thrive with building genuine customer relationships.  Why? Well that's what you do when you are starting from our cakes, lol.

So, we don't pay for advertising?  

There is nothing more wonderful than friends helping you build your business. At TPC, we believe whole heartedly in the power of social networking/media and being engaged with our fans, especially on our Facebook page. We are thrilled that folks have advertised for us enough so that other media sources have been intrigued enough to print articles like Our State magazine, at no cost to us, which makes us smile. 


We started carrying our cupcakes in retail stores, restaurants and gourmet grocers from Greenville, New Bern, Emerald Isle and with a heavy emphasis in Kinston and Wilmington by 2010. With 8 purveyors, 3 in Wilmington alone, carrying our cake since 2010, and originally offered delivery from Raleigh to the coast, we’ve drummed up quite a following throughout Eastern NC. 

Opening the doors!

On December 19, 2012,  the opportunity came for The Peppered Cupcake finally to open its first location in Kinston, NC. After a almost a year of being open, we realized how well Kinston was responding to our concept. We had something people wanted. Folks came from all over. We needed to be in a much larger place if we were going to grow. Kinston served us well, however, my destination has been Wilmington since the beginning and the time finally came to open our dream destination. Our Kinston store closed at the end of February 2014 and the new location opened April 16, 2014 at 105 S. Front St. in downtown Wilmington, NC.



Not even a month went by and a lady came in and shared she was going to review us on TripAdvisor. What? What's that? I asked. No kidding. In just 2 months of joining TripAdvisor in May of 2014 in Wilmington, TPC was fortunate enough to grab the #1 spot of "All Places to Eat", #1 in "Dessert", "Bakery" and "Cupcakes" in Wilmington and we have held that to this day. Very blessed and hope we can continue to please our cupcake fans. So fortunate to have a large fan base in Wilmington already, we look forward to making new cupcake fans and can't wait for our loyal fans to visit again and again! We've already created such wonderful friendships with many of our customers.


Let's dig deeper

​​Why “The Peppered Cupcake”?

Wanna get someone’s attention?  Tell them you put  horseradish, jalapenos, habaneros and fresh cracked pepper in a cupcake and they’ll raise an eyebrow whether it seems appetizing or not. The good thing is you’ll be remembered. Even if you just wanted to share your thought of a “bad” flavor combination to your just advertised The Peppered Cupcake...and we “thank you.” Chances are someone that overheard the conversation just loves sweet and savory pepper concepts and has an adventurous palette! 

I have for many years now dreamed of having a coffee shop that had some sort of goody involved. With the cupcake craze today, thanks to an episode of Sex in the City, folks just can't get enough of these scrumptious delectables. I hope you find these combinations unique and mouth watering. They describe my expectations when I'm on the hunt for something different. When I want something sweet, ordinary will not do. Constantly I am in search of new tastes and flavor combinations. Also, incorporating my southern heritage is a must.

The name derived from a recipe my Aunt gave me years ago. It's called Jezebel sauce. It's an appetizer that uses one block of cream cheese and a concoction of  marmalade and horseradish poured on top of the cheese and topped off with fresh cracked pepper. Then served with crackers. It's a wonderfully sweet but savory idea. So, of course my signature cupcake, The Peppered Cupcake, was developed around this very simple recipe. It is one of my best sellers.  Our Peppered  Cupcake now has about 15 different preserves from Mango & Habanero to Pear, Mint and Wasabi. That's not including we also have about 100 flavors that rotate daily and seasonly.


Where did I receive my training?

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