Want to send a box of cupcakes to someone in the Wilmington vicinity?

delivery is available Tuesday-Saturday
Delivery Info:
  • We are not an “On-Call” delivery service.
  • Minimum order - 1 Dozen
  • Deliveries should be placed at least 1 business day in advance
  • Pricing $39-$57 plus tax and delivery fee
  • Delivery Fee - $10 local (10 mile radius of either shop) $20 Leland and Carolina Beach
  • Pick and choose your own flavors from the bake that day and they are priced individually from $3.25-$4.75 plus tax and delivery or
  • Pre-assorted package with 12 different flavors that we choose for $48 plus tax and delivery.
  • Deliveries are scheduled between 12-9pm as we try to coordinate several orders. Please give us an idea of convenient blocks of time for you, ie., between 2-4pm, anytime after 3pm, etc.
  • Someone will need to be present to accept the cupcakes as they cannot be left outside. Please coordinate with someone prior to placing an order as we do not make 2nd delivery attempts. 
  • If you call before noon, it may be possible to get your order in as long as its not a custom order for specific flavors. 
Please note: We do not allow surprise deliveries. Someone must know a package is coming and must be available for delivery as the cupcakes cannot be left outside. Every delivery is confirmed before to assure placement. Even for business drop off. Please make arrangements prior to. If your party is not present, does not answer or return our phone call at the scheduled time of delivery, they are welcome to pick up the cupcakes at our bakery on the same day as delivery. Sorry folks we do not offer refunds on our delivery orders due to the box already being prepared specifically for you.