See our flavors up close. Here you will see a variety of our flavors. Our list just keeps growing. As we wish we could provide all flavors everyday, it's just not possible. You will, however, find anywhere from 15-25 flavors per day available. So, we've provided a general idea on pricing here. As you browse the gallery, you will find that the majority of our cakes have centers. So, a little something extra to tantalize those taste buds!! We have many to choose from and ideas pop up daily. Digging into our Southern roots we try to explore new cupcake ideas with a sophisticated approach. Flavor combinations that we hope will keep ya'll coming back;) 


Cupcake Flavors

Daily Flavors $3.25 each

Most of our Daily Flavors are cupcakes that are usually in the window everyday.   


Remember, you do not have to pre-order. You can come to the store and choose an assortment from what's available in our window. 


Featured Flavors  $3.75 - $4.75 each

Each day we feature several flavors in addition to our Daily Flavors. Constantly we are creating something hopefully that will blow your socks off! These flavors are only available on certain days.To pre-order these flavors you can either call the day they are scheduled and take a chance some are left or let us know the day before so that we can prepare as many as you need. Please see our FAQ page on preordering flavors not scheduled for that day.


© 2019 The Peppered Cupcake LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2019 All Rights Reserved. The Peppered Cupcake LLC

Strawberry Basil Cobbler

Fresh warm strawberries and ginger smother this cream cheese buttercream. Underneath is our famous vanilla cream stuffed vanilla cake.